Wholesale Application

Terms & Conditions

The retail store must operate a commercial retail storefront in the name of your business for the purpose of reselling products to the general public.

As we have many specialised online retailers we may not automatically approve your application. Must be an established website in the name of your business with a active shopping cart and secure online payment facility. We do not supply Ebay, Etsy, Facebook or any other third party ecommerce websites.

If your business does not fall under the Retail Store Front or Online Store category. You may be required to supply photos or advertising material to support your application. 

1. You must purchase our products for the purpose of resale.
2. A copy of your Business Name Registration Certificate must be supplied if requested.
3. A copy of your ABN Certificate must be supplied if requested (Australian applications only).
4. All orders are pre-paid with a minimum opening order of $200.00 (AUD).
5. Payments can be made by Direct Deposit, Visa or MasterCard.
6. Orders are shipped by DHL, Toll, TNT courier or Australia Post.
7. To have your store listed on our 'Store Locator' page you are required to order Darkroom Door product at least once every 12 months.

We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions and to change our prices at any time. We reserve the right to choose who we sell our product to in relation to online stores and locations of retail stores.

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