SIA Mail Art - Part 1

Darkroom Door - Saturday, July 03, 2010

Remember all the fabulous mail art you all sent in for our booth at the SIA Trade Show? Since the show, all of the mail art has been hanging here at DD HQ... and I admire it every day! I love it!!

I thought you'd like to see some close ups of each piece, so I'll upload them to the blog over a few blog posts so you can admire it all too!

Here's the first few pieces..

Created by Tracey Strong:


Created by Vicky Fernando:


Created by Helen Ross (Lorna Blue Studio):


Created by Hillie:


Created by Robyn Wood:


Created by Mim:


Created by Ros Crichton:


Created by Robyn Wood:


Aren't they amazing!!! I love them, and I love how the stamps and postmarks and creases all just add to the mail art charm :) 

All of the mail art was created using Darkroom Door stamps. Love how Vicky even trimmed the Darkroom Door logo from a Filmstrip product to use on her envelope! Clever :)

I'll share more of the mail art next week!


Shirley Henry commented on 04-Jan-2014 08:14 AM
These are so cool Rachel...can`t wait to see more!Thankyou for sharing the wonderful mail art with us.

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