Guest Artist - Tim Holtz

Darkroom Door - Monday, September 15, 2008

Tim_2 Name:  tim holtz

Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Lives: prescott, az. USA

Known for: all things distressed

Blog, website or gallery:
Loves to:
ink, paint, sand, grunge, stamp, and eat those crazy bananas and tim tams!

Loves to create:
  dimensional collage – anything to incorporate found elements.

Favourite Darkroom Door product: photobooth

Have you ever been in a darkroom? yes, I took 3 years of photography in high school and was a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook.

Let’s say you’re invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  ink, idea-ology trinkets, grungeboard, and marmalade ☺

Are you afraid of the dark?  definitely not – the dark provides a quite time to explore your creative mind and process your deepest dreams

Samples4Now onto the projects! Tim has created a complete step-by-step project for us using a combination of Darkroom Door products and elements from his own product lines. (and they look fabulous together!) For anyone who knows Tim, he likes to be thorough and this time there's no exception! Loads of pictures and instructions for you to be able to re-create these little beauties! I'll hand it over to Tim... so sit back and be inspired...

"The nostalgia of photographs from the days gone by tell a story that words simply couldn’t describe.  My fascination with these elements of the past inspired me to create these timeless trinkets.  The eclectic images and vintage palette of Darkroom Door captures the look and feel of a well designed product line – thanks for unlocking this artist within…"


Darkroom Door: Photobooth/Ladies & Gentlemen, Venetian Collection Papers, Little Dreams Stamp Set

Ranger: Distress Ink/Vintage Photo & Black Soot, Ink Blending Tool, Memory Frames
Tonic Studios: Scissors, Scratcher
Tim Holtz idea-ology: Sanding Grip, Embellishments
Other: adhesive; mica

STEP 1: Cut paper to 2x2 square & also cut a piece of chipboard 2x2

STEP 2: Glue paper to chipboard with glue stick

STEP 3: Choose image from Photobooth sheet and cut out

STEP 4: Sand edges of image with Sanding Grip to reveal raw white paper

STEP 5: Sand edges of paper tile as well

STEP 6: Extend Scratch Tool and drag it across photo to create scratches

STEP 7: Tap Ink Blending Tool on to Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad and ink Photobooth piece (this will work ink into the sanded areas and scratches)

STEP 8: Continue inking until entire piece is covered

STEP 9: Mist a cloth with water from Mini Mister and wipe away ink from face to create a highlight

STEP 10: Ink edges of cardstock as well with Ink Blending Tool and Vintage Photo

STEP 11: Ink text stamp with Black Soot Distress Ink and stamp over various parts of the image

STEP 12: Ink flourish stamp with Black Soot and stamp as an accent

STEP 13: Dry stamped images with heat tool

STEP 14: Glue Photobooth image on to inked background

STEP 15: Apply glue to edge of collage

STEP 16: Press a piece of mica and hold in place to dry

STEP 17: Trim off excess mica with scissors

STEP 18: Using scraps, continue gluing various pieces of mica until collage is covered

STEP 19: Trim off all excess mica pieces so background is 2x2

STEP 20: Attach vintage film strip or ribbon to background

STEP 21: Adhere word from label maker or vintage book

STEP 22: Open Memory Frame by carefully bending tab on the side our from edge of frame - *Do not straighten out this tab – leave it at an angle

STEP 23: Bend Memory Frame apart and insert collage - *Be Sure Jump Ring is on the BOTTOM of your collage

STEP 24: Insert tab back into slot in Memory Frame and bend back down to close

STEP 25: Attach a Jump Ring through a Hinge Clip

STEP 26: Clip on to top edge of Memory Frame and insert chain through Jump Ring and Attach a Key or Charm through bottom Ring attached to frame




Hey everyone, how great are these projects!! I've known Tim now for a few years, and I'm always inspired by his creativity, products and friendship. Thanks so much Tim for sharing your artwork and creativity with us, and for taking the time to play with our stuff :) You're work is always amazing!!

Unlock the artist within!


Glee Scrap commented on 04-Jan-2014 08:19 AM
SQUEEEEAL! I almost fainted when I saw your guest Artist today is THE Tim Holtz! I've never met him, but everything I've read, seen and heard points to the fact the he is an amazing creative artist, GENUINLY nice, and a very good salesman. He did an excellent tutorial (as usual-I read his blog) and I LOVE the vintage pices he made with your Photo Booth shhets!When I say "good salesman", I mean it in the kindest way. Notice how his name showed on the photo with the Tonic scissors, and how the "Darkroom Door Venitian Collection" tab from the paper was in a lot of the shots~subtle but cool~ he make creating look so easy and wonderful that you just want to go out and buy anything he endorses. Plus, he only endorses great stuff, like your Darkroom Door products! I'm sure he wouln't do anything just for the $...he has standards and values. ( Can you tell I'm a total t!m fan fan?)Thanks for sharing this, Rachel, woman from the Future. You are in my "tomorrow" already in the Land Down Under! Hope it is a great day for you and your family!

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