Doors Filmstrip Traveller’s Notebook Pages

Darkroom Door - Monday, April 01, 2019

Hello Darkroom Door fans! 

It’s Belinda Spencer here with you today to share a couple of pages in my traveller’s notebook featuring the stunning new Doors Filmstrip Stamp. These are pages that I have prepared in advance for when I travel. It is a great idea to prep some pages in your traveller’s notebook before you go and this stamp makes it super easy to create some lovely pages.


1. Apply some watercolour paint to the pages in your traveller’s notebook. Note: I used quite a bit of water with my watercolour paints and the paper was not very good quality so there is quite a lot of warping. I actually like the look of this as it adds to the look of a well travelled and loved notebook. If you don’t like the warping and ‘crunchy’ page then show some restraint with the amount of water used or eliminate the watercolour step.

2. Apply Jet Black Archival Ink to the Doors Filmstrip Stamp and stamp on the left hand side of the notebook. Also apply the same ink to the door stamp from the New York Vol. 2 Stamp Set. Stamp on the right hand side of the notebook.

3. Rule some lines across the two pages for future journaling. Apply the Notes heading from the Everyday Life Stamp Set using the Jet Black ink. Apply various stamps from the New York Vol. 2 Stamp Set over the two pages using Watering Can Archival Ink. Also stamp the Coffee Stain Eclectic Stamp using the same ink.

4. Stamp the Doors Filmstrip Stamp onto an extra piece of smooth white cardstock using Jet Black Ranger Archival Ink. Cut out the filmstrip. Stick down the white cardstock (for added strength) and cut out again. Punch a hole in the top and add some baker’s twine/string to create a cute3 bookmark for your traveller’s notebook.

Here’s a few more pages created with the same stamps: 


1. Apply Jet Black Archival Ink to the ‘journaling card’ stamp from the Everyday Life Stamp Set. Stamp once on the left hand page and also on the right hand page. Stamp again onto some scrap paper/printer paper. Cut out and attach as a mask over the stamped images on the traveller’s notebook pages. I made a small loop of washi tape to hold each piece in place.

2. Apply Watering Can Archival Ink to the Doors Filmstrip Stamp. Stamp repeatedly over the pages from left to right to cover the whole background. Slightly offset each stamp for a more interesting background. Remove the ‘masks’ over the journaling areas.

3. Apply titles to each of the journaling boxes using the Everyday Life Stamp Set and the Jet Black ink. Add more stamping to the pages using this stamp set as well as the Discover and New York Vol. 2 Stamp Sets.

4. Stamp the ‘negative’ from the Photography Stamp Set twice as well as the Doors Filmstrip Stamp again on some smooth white cardstock using the Jet Black ink. Cut out the negatives including the inside. Cut out the filmstrip and tear the top image away. Staple these pieces to the pages and include some strips of Tim Holtz Filmstrip Tape or washi tape.

Supplies used:
Darkroom Door Doors Filmstrip Stamp
Darkroom Door Coffee Stain Eclectic Stamp
Darkroom Door Photography Rubber Stamp Set
Darkroom Door Discover Rubber Stamp Set
Darkroom Door New York Vol. 2 Rubber Stamp Set
Darkroom Door Everyday Life Stamp Set
Archival Ink: Jet Black, Watering Can
Jane Davenport Watercolours Neutral Palette

I hope you are feeling inspired to create your own beautiful pages in your traveller’s notebook. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.



Godelieve Tijskens commented on 01-Apr-2019 07:28 PM
Love this 'messy' look with these stamps! I also like the bookmark idea.

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