Artist Trading Card Swaps 2016

Darkroom Door - Tuesday, December 29, 2015
It's time for another year of creativity with our monthly Artist Trading Card (ATC) swaps! We love hosting these swaps and really enjoy seeing what all you creative souls come up with!

To make it easier, I've compiled all the information you need to take part in this one blog post. Please refer to this post before sending in your completed ATC's.

Each swap will have a different theme. All Darkroom Door ATC swaps must use Darkroom Door rubber stamps or paper product as their main feature.

Here are the details:

January: Summer Lovin'
Due by 31st January, 2016
Sunshine, surf, sand, seashells, camping, frangipanis . . . just a few things that remind us of summer! Create ATC's with a summer theme, using summer themed Darkroom Door Rubber Stamps!

February: Tied Up With String
Due by 28th February, 2016
Inspired by the lyrics from the Sound Of Music, use any Darkroom Door rubber stamp or paper product to create ATC's with a piece of string incorporated into your artwork!

March: Gone Postal
Due by 31st March, 2016
There are lots of postal themed stamps in the Darkroom Door Collection! Whether it's a postmark, postcard, handwriting, pen nib... use any of these stamps to create ATC's with a postal theme!

April: Botanical Beauty
Due by 30th April, 2016
Use a floral Darkroom Door stamp in your ATC this month. You can combine it with other Darkroom Door stamps. embellishments and use any technique or stamping medium. 

May: Pink & Orange
Due by 31st May, 2016
Use any Darkroom Door rubber stamp or paper product to create ATC's with a pink and orange colour palette!

June: Landscape
Due by 30th June, 2016
Use a Darkroom Door landscape theme stamp (Photo Stamps are a great place to start, or Wilderness Vol 1 & Wilderness Vol 2 Rubber Stamps) to create your ATC's. Create your ATC's in the landscape orientation too!

July: An Inchie or Two
Due by 31st July, 2016
Darkroom Door Inchies stamps are a great size for ATC's! Use one or more of these stamps in your ATC this month. You can combine it with other Darkroom Door stamps, embellishments and use any technique or stamping medium. Inchies Stamps: Garden Inchies, Christmas Inchies, Travel Inchies, Seaside Inchies, Steampunk Inchies.

August: Label It
Due by 31st August, 2016
Use any Darkroom Door rubber stamp or paper product to create ATC's with a label incorporated into the artwork. Some Rubber Stamp sets with labels: Tags, From The Kitchen, Love Letters Vol 2, Noel, Tour Eiffel, Mail Art, Dashing Gents, Lovely Ladies, Hello Baby Vol 1 & Vol 2, Photography, Ornate Elements, Robot Vol 2, Chorus.

September: In The Garden
Due by 30th September, 2016
Time to show off your green thumb! Create ATC's with a garden theme, by using rubber stamps of things you can find in the garden! Flowers, insects, butterflies, flower pots, wheelbarrows... etc! Some rubber stamp ideas: Gardening Vol 1 & Vol 2 or any flower and butterfly rubber stamp!

October: Blue Hues
Due by 31st October, 2016
Create ATC's with the hue of blue! Use any Darkroom Door rubber stamp or paper product with any technique or stamping medium.

November: Travel
Due by 30th November, 2016
Let's go on a journey! Create ATC's with a travel theme. Use any Darkroom Door rubber stamp or paper product with a travel theme. 

December: No swap this month

What to create:
10 ATC's for 9 in return. The 10th ATC will be kept in the Darkroom Door ATC Collection.

How to send them in:
If possible, try to send your ATC's in one of the trading card sleeves that hold 9 ATC's or similar. It's just a lot easier if they are in some type of sleeve system so I can see the whole collection easily, and it makes it a lot easier to sort. The ATC in the top left corner will remain there as yours, the rest will be swapped with others in the swap. Check out our ATC supplies here.

Due Date: 
Please refer to the list above for the closing date of each swap.

What are ATC's?
If you've never created ATC's before - Wikipedia has a description here

Do you need to sign up?
No, there's no need to email us if you're going to take part. Just have your swap in by the due date and you'll be in the swap!

How long will it take before you receive the completed ATC's? 
I like to have the ATC's swapped within 2 weeks of the closing deadline. However this can change depending on my travelling schedule. Please allow 4-6 weeks for return of your ATC's, especially if you are international.

Address to send your swap:
Darkroom Door *insert swap name here* Swap
PO Box 8039
Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

Please note:
* Please remember to write your details on the back of each ATC: Name, email, edition number (1/10, 2/10 etc), and that it was created for the Darkroom Door swap!

* Everyone's swap pieces will be made into a gallery and will be available for viewing on the Darkroom Door blog after the swap is completed.

* Australian swappers: Please include an addressed and stamped return envelope or satchel with your swap. As some ATC's can be quite thick and bulky, especially as some of our themes this year are textured - please use a medium to large envelope to ensure the ATC's fit in.

* International Swappers: You can pay for your return postage via paypal. Please submit a $3.50 AUD payment to:

* Please allow enough time for your swap parcel to arrive here in time!! International players should have their parcels sent two weeks before the due date.

If you have any questions or need any further information, please email us at and we'll respond as soon as possible!

Check out some of our past ATC Swap Galleries on our Pinterest Board. We also have many video galleries on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for your continued interest in our ATC swaps! We LOVE seeing what you create and look forward to seeing what you all come up with in the future :)

Have fun!


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