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Darkroom Door - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hi there! We have recently released a new series of stamps called Abstract Stamps! As the name suggests, these stamp designs are abstract in style so they can be used to add layers, borders or any extra element to your projects without being a specific subject matter. They are fabulous for gel printing, creating texture in thick embossing powders and clay, or simply used as stamps for your card and art journals. 

We have released 4 new ones and today we’d like to share some card ideas using the Abstract 01 Stamp

First up we have a clever idea by Belinda Spencer where she has used the Abstract 01 Stamp as stems for the flowers! 

Belinda used flowers from the Carved Flowers and Gardening Vol 2 Stamp Sets, along with the Fallen Leaves Background Stamp to create this card. 

The Abstract 01 stamp is great for adding stamped layers to art journal pages, like Belinda has done in these two art journal spreads: 

Aren’t these amazing!! To read more about Belinda’s projects, please visit her blog here.

Here are some great card ideas from Godelieve Tijskens: 

On this card, Godelieve has used Scribble Sticks to ink up the stamp to create a watercolour effect in the stamping. You can read the full tutorial here.  

For this card Godelieve has created am ombre background, then die cut a circle from the centre and turned it around to create a positive/negative effect. A clever way to add more interest to your cards! See more details here.  

Godelieve has also used the Abstract 01 stamp to add layers to her art journal. Read more about how this page was created here.  

Next we have some wonderful projects by Connie Mercer. Connie has used the Abstract 01 Stamp to create some fabulous bold backgrounds for her cards: 

Connie has stamped the Abstract 01 stamp in two different coloured inks and in different directions to create the background. The shells stamped on top are from the Seashells Stamp Set

Connie has created a more subtle background for this card by using lighter inks. Isn’t it pretty! The stamps used on top are the Artist Brushes and Paint Splats Stamp Sets

Here is an art journal page where Connie has used the Abstract 01 as a part of the background layers. It’s a great stamp to add to your art journal pages! 

To read more information on how Connie created these projects, please visit her blog here.  

These are just a few ideas to show how this stamp will look on your projects! If you’d like to see more Abstract Stamp projects, check out our Abstract Stamps Pinterest Board!  

You can find all of the Abstract Stamps on our website here.  

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 


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